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Nelson Lakes NP

Added: May 02, 2010

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We visited Nelson Lakes only because we liked the photos done by my former colleague Ben Smith. He was huge inspiration for our trip year ago and his photos played huge role in our decision for going to South America during our trip.

Lake Rotoiti

There are not many budget accommodation possibilities at Nelson Lakes NP. We decided to stay at Travers-Sabine Lodge. We liked it a lot. We settled in and then went to Lake Rotoiti.

It was disappointing in current weather. It was raining slightly and whole place was terribly grey. Still there were many people around making it even less probable to make nice peaceful photo like Ben made.

We went to tourist information office to see what we can see around (it was afternoon and we could not go for long hike). We decided to go up to road to Mt. Robert and then to see whether weather gets better or worse. Then we will decide to hike or not.

We needed to pass through narrow wooden bridge where we lost axle cap and damaged tire. Damn potential hike, it gets more expensive now,...

I have returned to lake later in the evening, sun was setting behind mountain, but photos were still disappointing.

Yupee, there is a potential for kiwi around! :-)
kiwi sign

Lake Rotoiti.
Windsurf at Lake Rotoiti

A view from Mt. Robert (but not the top).



Morning surprise

We got up early next morning. I was full of hope to get better photo of pier at the lake. Peter and I went to lake, but Zuzka was in other room and she stayed to sleep.

Yes, it will work! The sky in not completely clean, but clouds are making nice background. Sun is starting to shine at mountain. Water is not still, but waves are much smaller than yesterday. Maybe I could come bit earlier, but it is not bad at all!

We returned again with Zuzka about 2 hour later, but nice light was gone and awful motor boat was tied to the pier (in way prohibiting to take a nice photo).

This is a photo I came here for. It is actually panorama from 3 photos and I will hang it on a wall one day (I just need to find correct wall).
Sunrise at Lake Rotoiti

Mt. Robert