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Iceland Day 9 - Back to Keflavik

Added: September 03, 2008

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Saturday 22st of June is our last full day in the Iceland. Our flight is scheduled on Monday at about 7am, hence I do not count it.

I wish we had such weather whole time as it is these days. But at least we have seen all possibilities.

The biggest (and the tallest) attraction today is hike to waterfall Glymur. Otherwise we just need to drive to south with occasional diversion and stop.

Afternoon and "night"

Shortly after leaving Reykholt we caught short rain. We were on in car, so no big deal. It passed quite fast and weather is beautiful again.

Borgarfjörður and Hvalfjörður

Just a few nice photos to pass time till we get to Glymur.

Shortly after rain is nice again!





Our last rainbow in Iceland. River is Laxá (one of the many of that name). I am quite sure even I did not see its name then. Just measuring 15 minutes on map from last known photo location plus remembering a few details should be sufficient.
If you know better, there is comment form at the bottom. Thanks!




Glymur is the tallest waterfall in Iceland. We looked forward for this hike, but were not sure we will find it, because there are blogs out there saying it is not so easy. We were more lucky :-)

Just turn to east from eastmost part of road 47 near the bridge and continue by that road. Blue sign with name Brunná should be next to bridge ("should" means there is another one deeper and from the photo I do not remember which one is the first). But if you get too far on 47 you will see tourist route Síldarmannagötur then you should return (if coming from Reykjavik).

It is hard to describe route I have seen only once 2 months ago that many people did not find. Maybe following photo helps more. If you see this (either through wind shield or in mirror) then you are close. Just go to by road shown down in the middle.

One of my favourite photos. I wanted to make a shot like this since I started to plan our Icelandic holiday - flowers in foreground, mountains in background. It took 9 days to find such a spot! (Photo that started my longing for it was from different place and we did not go to due to insufficient time.)
I believe that mountain in the back is Botnssúlur.

Route to Glymur passes through nice cave. (HDR photo)

Closer to Glymur but still not there.
DSC_6124_raw      DSC_6126_raw

View from Glymur (back)

Our final view of Glymur (HDR photo)

Viking restaurant - Hafnarfjörður

During our flight to Iceland we have seen ad for Viking restaurant in flight magazine. We had not enough time for it at the 1st day, but we (mostly Peter) made sure we will have time at the end.

It is very nice place with good meals, atmosphere, live music and other program for tourists. It is also expensive - it was our most expensive experience in Iceland apart from renting car :-) But well worth of it.





Bláa Lónið

It is the same Blue Lagoon we have been to the first day. Only title is Icelandic to make it bit more varied.

It is too late to get into water. Probably 2 hours after closing. Yes, we spent more time in Viking than we wanted, not to mention being notoriously late in this beautiful country!

Sun is setting, colors are beautiful. Geothermal plant is helping with atmosphere too.






We left Blue Lagoon, driving through Reykjanes peninsula for some time, then decided to return to our accommodation. Quite close to Blue Lagoon we were caught by Sun ready to set. It was 23:47!