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Iceland Day 9 - Back to Keflavik

Added: September 03, 2008

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Saturday 22st of June is our last full day in the Iceland. Our flight is scheduled on Monday at about 7am, hence I do not count it.

I wish we had such weather whole time as it is these days. But at least we have seen all possibilities.

The biggest (and the tallest) attraction today is hike to waterfall Glymur. Otherwise we just need to drive to south with occasional diversion and stop.


Road to Hraunfossar

After those 2 months I am behind with publishing I have bit problem to remember details of this day. So I am going to write what I remember. We are sitting in car and going through nice landscape. Our first planned stop is at Litla Baula - interesting hill I found on web.

Then our navigator tells us to leave Ring Road and to continue by quite bad road. Again - we are glad we rented 4WD, otherwise we would be worried.

Litla Baula


Baula and Litla Baula


Skarðsheiði mountains in the back

Hraunfossar and Barnafoss

These two waterfalls were one of main attractions of this day. In the early stages of planning (November-December 2007) it was single attraction we were sure about for west Iceland.

I am glad we had blue sky as photos of this place with grey sky would look terrible.

I always wanted to make photo like this - lone tree in the back and some nice detail in foreground. So I was happy I finally found such a place. Unfortunately I could not lower my tripod enough thus I needed to shoot it hand-held, limiting my options. Still I am satisfied :-)

Hraunfossar is about 900m wide waterfall flowing from underneath lava field. It looks beautiful.


Photo on the right is Barnafoss - other attraction in this area. It is only a few meters from Hraunfossar, but not as impressive.
DSC_5958_raw      DSC_5975_ds1_raw

Other part of Barnafoss. Somehow I forgot to take complete photo, because I concentrated on details (like this)

Glacier in distance. I am not sure if it is Eiríksjökull or Langjökull. The first is more probable. We are returning from diversion to Hraunfossar.


Short stop in town Reykholt. I learned it has long history, famous Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson lived and was killed here.


School centre (and library?)


Pool Snorri Sturluson used. It contains geothermally heated water (I tried it and nothing special). Door in the back should lead to Snorri's cellar (or is believed it led there once).

I really wonder what this should be. Probably unfinished reconstruction of classical turf house.

Another "proof" there is geothermal energy in region. Tomatoes inside.