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Iceland Day6 - East Iceland & Jökulsárgljúfur National Park

Added: August 03, 2008

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Thursday 19th of June we plan to jump to north part of Iceland. Jump means there are not many stops planned on our route.

Weather is much worse than it was yesterday, it is cold and it rains at noon.

We planned to take Ring road as far as possible, but directions to our hostel in Berunes mention also road 939 Öxi that goes through mountains and is 4WD. We decided to give it a try.

Road to Lagarfljót

939 Öxi is not for every vehicle, because it is steep at some parts, but our Hyundai did not have any problem.

Temperature lowered to 1°C at the highest place of road, then slowly raised till we reached civilisation again. Thus our stops were very short, only to take picture of unnamed waterfall and back to car again.

View from Berunes hostel over Berufjörður to (probably) Búlandstindur. All hills around this fjord have similar look caused by running water. Very interesting.

View of Berufjörður and surrounding mountains.


A few waterfalls next to road.



We are at Lagarfljót. Finally a nice photo of lupines as I imagined before our trip. BTW, we did not see worm-monster that should live in the lake. But we did not expect one, hence it's OK.

Peter looked for geocache near and I had time to look around.

Hengifoss and Lítlanesfoss

We reached our planned stop to see the 3rd highest waterfall in Iceland Hengifoss with its height 120m. It's 1.5h hike up to hill and there is smaller waterfall Lítlanesfoss on the route with beautiful basalt columns.

Then we went to Egilsstađir thinking to get diversion to Seyđisfjörđur with many waterfalls. But it started rain heavily, thus we decided against it. Thanks to that we might finally reach our destination on time once.


Lítlanesfoss with glimpse of Hengifoss in the distance.


Some details of both of them. Notice basalt columns.
Litlanesfoss2      hengifoss2

Road to Northeast Iceland

For people going around Ring Road (no interior visit) most of Northeast Iceland is something complete new - lava deserts, moon like landscapes. But not for us :-) It is pity weather was not very good, photos could be much better.

We reached our accommodation and went to thermal pool at Jarðbaðshólar (Mývatn Natural Bath). It was different from Blue lagoon, because it was real geothermaly heated water here. Smell of sulphur and greasy feeling water needs time to get used to. I left my camera at farm, thus no photos from there.

More photos from this area will be shown in next post.



Jökulsárgljúfur National Park

Jökulsárgljúfur is beautiful canyon. We have seen only part of it, because it was not planned to go much to north. Thus only Dettifoss, Sellfoss and Hafragilsfoss will be shown here (Sellfoss will be presented tomorrow).

There are 2 roads to Jökulsárgljúfur from north. One is worse than other :-) Recently I've read in some blog that more than 20 traffic accidents have occurred on the road to Dettifoss waterfall in the past five years. Usually caused by foreigners who overturn their car :-) "We bought tickets for less adrenaline ride here", but I can imagine it cannot be very hard to achieve overturned effect on this gravel road. Be warned!




France apparently tries to occupy Dettifoss.

Nice colors as seen from hill over Hafragilsfoss.


View of Jökulsárgljúfur.