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Rhodes - Petaloudes

Added: April 14, 2014

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The first place we visited during our trip to Rhodes was Πεταλούδες - Valley of the Butterflies. It is to the west from Rhodes city and can be reached by bus in about 1 hour. As its name suggests, it is inhabited by butterflies. Bad news it that there is just one kind of butterfly ubiquitous there, but the good news is that ubiquitous means there are millions of them :-)

There are 3 entries to the valley: at the bottom, then probably in the one third and finally at the top. It is slightly uphill most of the time, just on a few places it is bit more steep.

We entered through middle entry, because that is is where bus stop and parking place is. Ticket is valid for both sections.

As usual for me, I have tried to select photos where there are not many people, but it was quite a crowd all the time. Maybe there were not as many people, but because of single path through the valley it felt quite full to me. And at places it really was.

Petaloudes, Rhodes

Petaloudes, Rhodes

Petaloudes, Rhodes

Petaloudes, Rhodes

Petaloudes, Rhodes

I've mentioned butterflies. Well, previous photos did not show any, but that's gonna to change now. Don't expect perfect macro photo of sitting or flying wonderfully colored butterfly. Former was not possible with my single lens 24-70mm and for latter I blame evolution :-)

Moths living here are rather well masked, yet more visible compared to "ordinary" moths. Only when they spread wings there is red color visible. The biggest issue with that red is that they mostly sit and fly only when provoked. It is prohibited to disturb them, because (as I have just learned) that burns their energy and they cannot eat, leading to their premature death. Of course, Russians were disturbing them, causing clouds of red-brown shimmering. Even worse, they never announced their evil deed in advance so I always missed short opportunity to take picture.

So here it is, Euplagia quadripunctaria rhodosensis :-)
butterfly in Petaloudes, Rhodes

There are more of them here. I have seen higher number of butterflies at the same place before, it is not so impressive yet.
butterflies in Petaloudes, Rhodes

What do we have here? Forest floor covered with dry leaves. And over there, just in the middle is big boulder covered...
masked butterflies in Petaloudes, Rhodes

... with butterflies! How many of them are at single rock?
butterflies in Petaloudes, Rhodes

They were basically everywhere. Most of them sitting at the rocks, less at bark of trees, many of them at green leaves and I am not sure about dried leaves. If they were sitting also there, then they were masked well.

It is said their season starts in May. We've been there in September and I can only wonder if May or June offers many more of them.