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Iceland Day 1 - Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik

Added: June 27, 2008

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Saturday 14th June 2008 started rather soon for Zuzka and me. We got up before 3am and went to bus to London at 4am (Peter came to Stansted day before).


<fast forward/> at 14:40 we landed at nearly empty Keflavik. What a contrast to overcrowded Stansted, but well we are in Iceland, aren't we?

We picked our rented Hyunday Santa Fe, paid for GPS navigator and additional insurance of wind shield (we plan to use 4WD and it would be expensive if glass broke) and started cruising this fantastic country!

Short introduction to alien controls and we can go.

Blue Lagoon

We would not be in Iceland if we did not see Blue Lagoon! Not only to see, but also to pay for it :-) And it was great. Some people say it is too expensive (as whole Iceland), but I do not understand why. Yes it was more expensive than thermal pool in Slovakia, but not so much IMHO... We were satisfied with it completely, but your mileage might vary.

It was our first stop because it is close to Keflavik and it is also easy to identify from plane during landing.

Following pictures are not from paid part with hot water, because my camera is too big and expensive to take it there and leave it unattended (even in safe Iceland), thus after bath was over I made a few snaps of outside.

Lava with moss on it surrounds whole Blue Lagoon and basically dominates whole Reykjaness Peninsula.


Smoke in the distance is from geothermal power station that feeds hot water to it. Well, whole Blue Lagoon is man made, but who cares?
blue_lagoon1      blue_lagoon3



After nice bath we decided to return to Keflavik, because the car had some problem with oil. At least annoying light suggested so, but technician checked it and told us it is OK (that means oil is OK and he does not understand what's going on).

We headed to Reykjavik, hoping to stop at Hafnarfjörður, because some Viking festival was there. However highway does not go through center (how surprising) so we were not able to see it from car. And because we were late we decided to skip it without looking for it.

Reykjavik is big, it has wide roads and lot of empty space between occupied parts (with nice greenery). We found our hostel and went to walk around city.


Statue of viking boat.


Hallgrímskirkja is famous church in Reykjavik, unfotunatelly with that scaffolding it looks like it will be launched to orbit soon. Leifur Eiríksson (depicted in statue) to Moon! :-)
BTW, photo was taken at 22:39 with plenty of light available. It would be pity if it was not cloudy, because the scaffolding would ruined nice picture completely. Now it is terrible and I do not care.

Wow, we won in lottery! :-)
Well, no, it is our cash we exchanged - 210000 ISK (minus admission fee to Blue Lagoon and some food we bought).