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Expedia.co.uk "knows" we've been to Iceland

Added: June 27, 2008

Tags: Iceland info
Just a moment ago I received 'Thank you' email from Expedia for booking flight tickets to Keflavik with them. Nice touch, but those who have read my last post know that flight was cancelled and refunded in March.

So their service is not terrible only because they forgot to send me mail about cancelation (they had only "there are problems with you booking - call NNNNNN (so you can pay us for asking for refund ;-) )" statement on web page that I found only thanks to pure luck, but they also forgot that they refunded it!

Now I am kicking myself. If I knew that before the "flight" I could ask for another refund :-D Or maybe my paranoid self should start to be worried ;-)

BTW photos are slowly coming, stay tuned.