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Autumn at Vršatec

Added: November 28, 2011

Tags: Slovakia cliffs photos
Is this my first post about Slovakia? Well, I think so, because I am introducing a new category - Slovakia.

We have been thinking about visiting Vršatec every time we passed along it on motorway heading somewhere else. Interesting silhouette attracted us a lot, but it was easy to postpone visit every time. Until 3 weeks ago when we decided to take advantage of unbelievably nice weather for this time of year.

We arrived at noon, not the best time for taking landscape photos, but it was more than 150km from Bratislava and why should we get up early? It was Saturday and that day is meant for slacking, isn't it?

It was blue sky, but visibility was not ideal. When we got the first glimpse of Vršatec from about 25km it was nearly invisible. It got better when we got closer, but still the first photo lacked in contrast a lot, so I took the liberty to fix it.

The leftmost cliffs are our target, but whole area belongs to Vršatec.

Due to heightened position it was natural place for a castle. There was one since 13th century, but it was destroyed after rebellion in 1707. It is only ruins now, I was not able to find any good composition of wall remains, so there will not be any photo. Just nature :-)


Vršatec-Javorník is opposite of hill with remains of castle.


There are many tourist trails in the area, we started to go along one going around, but changed our mind later, due to time needed to complete it (and being late and lazy, of course :-) ).

Vršatec (the one with castle).

And another HDR from different point of view. This time I just wanted to prove Peter it is possible to take good photo with sun in view. If I just cleaned my lens properly...



Time to go home. It is still light (around 14:30), but everything gets nicer colors now. As we were leaving we stopped shortly along the road to enjoy wonderful view of Vršatec from distance. Our late arrival leading to flat photos is finally forgotten.