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Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Added: November 27, 2011

Tags: Italy mountains photos
What amazing mountains are Dolomites in Italy! We have been there just for a single day hike, but it would be possible to spend much more time surrounded by these amazing mountains. I wish I could see a sunrise or sunset with nicely coloured sky here.

We went there with Adren Tour at the end of June. Whole night in a bus, whole day of hiking and arrival back to Bratislava early in the morning next day.

I watched the weather forecast for one week, being nervous, that it was raining and cold in Bratislava, hoping we will not have terrible weather in Dolomites. Fortunately we got very good weather in morning, and clouds arrived just at the end (when all good photos has been already made ;-) ).

The hike took us about 9 hours (longer than originally planned). We started near Lago di Misurina (did not see it), walking slightly uphill for some time. Sun was still behind mountains, but everything suggested it will be nice day. Still I took probably too many photos, just to be sure I have nice one, before clouds arrive.




Then we started to climb to the right to reach via ferrata Bonacossa path. It was extra, other bunch of people went to the left along normal path. Our path was slightly harder, but we were rewarded with fantastic views the other group could not see. In general they have seen less, because there were walking in forest. On the other hand the view opened into nice valley shortly after we started to climb, offering views to mountains behind us.

This part has been quite tiring, but it was not very long. I would recommend it to everybody going to Tre Cime.





Breathing heavily we got to the top, where unbelievable peaks of nearby mountains have taken aback all of us. We continued leisurely along easy path. But in order to make it look harder, there were a few secured places with chains or ladders and also metal ropes. It is not called via ferrata for nothing. It is just easy one. Tour operator gave us the via ferrata set and we were asked to put it on. Slightly funny on such easy path, but hey, we are paying for that. Surprisingly, the only place where I would invite some help with securing it was not secured at all. It was slippery, unstable slope, probably with recent fall of rocks.






Previous 2 photos have shown a glimpse of Tre Cime di Lavaredo, our destination we are going to walk around. We are not there yet, and walking around will take some time too. But there are 3 huts (restaurants) around, so we will be able to refresh ourselves.


Can you see the hut bellow the left mountain? That will be our first stop (for more than couple of minutes).

Cloud cover starts getting closer, but still it is OK, even good for making skies more interesting in photos.

We refreshed in Rifugio Auronzo, gathered the last people of our group and started walking along the Tre Cime (there were some people in our group who ran off in the beginning of our ascent and we finally caught up them at parking lot waiting for our bus :-) )

Walk around was not very hard, but long. And it contained "unexpected" descent and ascent again. Fortunately there were plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy views while trying to collect more energy to walk :-)

Well, actually we probably have seen Lago di Misurina after all - some lake is over there in distance...

We came from left, where sharp teeth of mountains are, other group not going by via ferrata path came up from the middle of panorama. We are going that way down, so we are not missing anything.

We got behind Tre Cime, they are even more beautiful from this side. Look at their vertical walls! And near mountains on the left is another hut on our trek around. It is not even visible on this small scale.
Tre Cime di Lavaredo

For those who looked at vertical walls on previous photo and could not see climbers (not only due to small resolution of downsized image), here they are! And we struggled to walk up here... Ouch! ;-)

Tre Cime di Lavaredo


Yes, finally the distant hut is visible also on 640 pixels wide photo... But that drop in between could have been better designed by an Architect... completely unnecessary :-)


Whole walk around Tre Cime was done by hundreds of people. We went around clockwise, but most of people went counter clockwise, and probably returned from Rifugio Tre Cime the same way. It was just less demanding. It avoided that dreadful drop (at least dreadful for us). And also most of them came by bus to Rifugio Auronzo, while we needed to walk more than 1 hour (I don't remember) down to Lago di Misurina. But it was worth to do whole trek, not just easy 2 hours or less from hut Rifugio Auronzo to Rifugio Tre Cime and back!