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Our most adventurous journey has begun

Added: August 08, 2010

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I usually avoid showing photos of us in this blog. This, however, will not be the case of this post. Even stranger, it will not contain any photo done by me or Zuzka. Copyright holder for all following photos is Jozef Staš.

Zuzka and me have travelled together for some time already. So after returning from our Round the World trip we started to prepare the biggest and longest journey in our lives. Well, Zuzka and her parents were busy, I was helping only with a few things.

It happened on 3rd of July 2010 at Zuzka's birthplace - Dolný Kubín. We settled on compromise. It will not be so small wedding like I wanted (about 4 people) and it will not be as big like Zuzka wanted :-) Just close family to cope with my introverted character.

We were lucky with weather so photo shoot went according our expectations and many photos turned out to be exactly as I have imagined them. Apart from blown highlights, but I don't know much about wedding photography...



This one was meant to show our interests.

2010-07-03-0080      2010-07-03-0081