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Conclusion of RTW

Added: August 08, 2010

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It is all over. It took me much longer to process all photos and publish them then I wanted to, but there were other important things to do.

All together it was nice 1.5 year since we started planning/booking until now when everything is published. Apart from travelling I really liked parallel processing of photos and publishing. I was ahead of processing by several weeks worth of photos so I had nice flashbacks to 2 places at same time. Writing blog about New Zealand and processing photos from South America.


There were a few places we liked very much. Uyuni in Bolivia, floating islands Uros at Lake Titicaca and of course also whole New Zealand.

Do we regret something about our trip? Just one thing - we should stay in South America one month longer.

Some people told us we will be satisfied with travelling for at least one year after returning. Unfortunately that did not prove to be correct. We were home barely for couple of weeks when I started creating another itineraries, just for fun of doing that. Fortunately I realized soon enough that is rather risky behaviour. We realize we should not go for another big trip in foreseeable future, but just by toying with such a idea we could get dangerously close to the breaking point...