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Added: May 18, 2010

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We arrived to Wellington later than we planned, but we were happy swimming with dolphins in Marlborough Sound was successful. Besides, we did not plan to stay there for long time. Just to visit Te Papa Museum and then move on.

Due to our late arrival in the evening we had some time to look around the centre. Museum was postponed till next morning.




We found an accommodation and then started to look for parking lot. That was much harder. We found a free spot rather far from our accommodation. We did not want to return back to hostel, but unfortunately I left my camera there. So we explored city centre, but I don't have any photos. All I have are from a ferry and I took some in the morning while we went to pick up the car.



Te Papa Museum

We spent there about 3 hours and I can imagine to be there longer. They have many wonderful exhibitions and the only disadvantage is that everybody in your group likes something else. So somebody is bored at exhibition you spend a lot of time by reading all information panels at, while you are bored when others take their time :-) That's the price of staying together...

But we all liked Māori exhibition. For myself, I liked gigantic squid, Awesome Forces with simulation of earthquake, jade, Māori's meeting house. Rain forest outside was not bad too.