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Holiday half life

Added: January 29, 2010

Tags: Australia RTW info
Greetings from the middle of our holiday in South Hemisphere. We are leaving Australasia tomorrow, heading to South America so maybe it is good time to write something.

Unfortunately I shoot only RAWs and I do not have any way to process them during our trip. In order to publish at least something I have decided to shoot also small JPEGs for 2 days. But then I still have problem with downsizing. Only quick way to work around that (without much googling) is to upload photo to facebook and let it to downsize it for me, followed by using Paint to convert them into JPEGs :-) . Eventually I will replace them with properly procesed photos. (Done.)

Bit of luck when taking photo of Kata Tjuta (near Uluru). I knew about camels, but decided to ignore them because they were in tall grass. And then one decided it wants to have photo...

Walpa Gorge at Kata Tjuta.


OK, 30 min is over... See you with more photos in March or probably in April, when they will be processed.