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China Day 18 - Holiday ends in Shanghai

Added: November 10, 2009

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Thursday 23rd of July is our last full day in China. 18 days passed really quickly, I would like to stay for longer. But that's not possible.

Today we plan to see Shanghai. Heidi, our local guide, told us 2 days ago that Shanghai is nicer during night than during day. After travelling through it by bus yesterday and today I can only agree with that.

Afternoon the in Shanghai

After seeing Yuyuan Gardens we went back to bus. Let's go to see other places in this huge city!

Shanghai Museum

Most of use went to Shanghai Museum, some from our group went back to hotel.

Jade exposition I enjoyed the most. After seeing Jade Buddha statues and short film in this museum my curiosity got even higher. I have learned hardness of jadeite is 6.5 - 7.0. That is pretty much considering it was used for carving since prehistoric times.




also this

DSC_8581_raw      DSC_8583_raw

Museum was closing, we had to leave. But we would need to leave anyway, because we needed to return to hotel before we went to dinner. We had only 15 minutes for changing clothes and refreshment.

Another example of "foggy" architecture that looks better after dark (or in sunshine). Taken next to gate to Museum.

And this one is from bus. I would not show it, but it is the best one I have of that building.

Dinner in minorities restaurant

We went to some restaurant run by Chinese minorities. I do not know its name, though.

Apart from the nice meals there was also cultural show. I had some time to take pictures of them, but I have just realized now why I do not have enough photos of food. I simply do not have time. I am always busy and I remember I could take some photos when it is late :-(




The Acrobats of Shanghai

Our last optional program was to visit acrobatic show. We have seen one in Beijing, so we wanted to see this one too.

High expectations are not always useful. It was very good, but I could clearly see the artists came from the same school. Choreography and music was different though. Yes, there were also new things there, but as I said I had too big expectations. People who have not seen Beijing Acrobats were stunned here as we were in Beijing. So it is probably me. On the other hand, we would not have better program instead of this.

DSC_8639_raw      DSC_8646_raw

This started as a chair standing on 4 beer bottles and after a few chairs were added it ended like that.
DSC_8670_raw      DSC_8692_raw

4 motorcyclists are inside.

5 motorcyclists!


Holiday is over

So this was our trip to China and Tibet. We are flying to Beijing and then to London tomorrow morning.

The most of our expectations were met, some were exceeded and only one big failed. The one I used as the main point to come here... Fortunately it was marginal for Zuzka and her Tibet was fantastic.

I would like to thank to Rich Beal, our tour leader, who made this trip much better experience that it could be. He worked hard and he was always looking for ways how to fulfil our wishes. At least it seemed so to Zuzka and me.

Finally I can copy the whole directory with processed photos that grew to 78GB(!) to the backup. It took me much more time than I expected to catch up with writing up blog, because I am busy preparing our next adventures. Stay tuned (at ease, it will not be published sooner than in March).