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China Day 1 - Beijing

Added: August 03, 2009

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After 10 long hours of flying we landed at modern Terminal 3 in Beijing. But it was not over yet. We had to wait till Swine Flu Prevention Squad measures temperature of all passengers. Now, we will see if all of them were coughing and choking for nothing. And whether my claim in Flu Assessment paper "I have not been in close contact with anybody with flu symptoms" is correct.

Great, we (and everybody else) passed! So now to get rid of assessment and to pass infra thermometers in terminal. Success again. It looks like doors to China are open for us! Yippee! And I can say they take swine flu more seriously than in UK.

Beginning of China adventure

We have met with our guides and other travellers. We were obviously youngest ones in our group, but that should not be problem :-)

It was cloudy and foggy in Beijing. Something I do not like much when I plan to take a lot of photos.

We took a shower and then spent at least the same amount of time in the bank trying to get some colourful papers with Chairman Mao on them. It delayed us considerably.

Shortly before 5pm we hurried to our first destination - Temple of Heaven that was nearby. We had to hurry, because we had to be back for a briefing at 6pm. Fortunately it is not far away. But we did not get chance to see it because we underestimated size of China. It took us only about 15 minutes to reach park with temple, but another 15 minutes to cross it. And Temple is opened only till 5pm (even the park is up to 10pm).

So we took 2-3 photos from behind a wall and headed slowly back.

This day was short and I promise to show more photos in following days.

This was our hotel. I took some pictures as we went to Temple of Heaven to provide us with the trail for our return. Also, this is my 1st photo in China so if you are interested how many photos I took remember the number in its name. Simple maths will tell you answer later :-)

Last few metres and we reached Temple...

But it is closed, so at least a few photos from behind a wall :-(

Inside garden.