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Iceland Day 4 - From Skógar to Skaftafell

Added: July 06, 2008

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Tuesday 17th of June is finally sunny and beautiful. No wind is added bonus. I wish all our days were sunny here.

Whole bunch of waterfalls is planned for today, some are small, some tall, and at least 2 are famous. A word about waterfalls. Our plan contains about 16 waterfalls, but we probably have seen so many of them already. But most of them were small streams falling from cliff. Interesting sight, but we are getting to be used to that. Day after afternoon we will stop taking pictures of those anonymous completely :-)


We are behind schedule for some time. We decided to go to hostel in Svínafell first and then return back to Skaftafell.


Accommodation in Svínafell was like plan B. After sending a few mails and not getting any positive response I have booked room in Hvoll. But it is 60 km back from Skaftafell. Thus we would need to absolve 2 times 60km more, because we could not reschedule Skaftafell to next day. Then after long time I got response from Svínafell, thus I canceled Hvoll immediately.

We came here, waited owner to come, ate a bit, then I tried to charge battery in camera for half an hour, because it was getting low.

This photo shows probably half of Svínafell. Many vilages in Iceland look like this. And towns have 300 inhabitants :-) Ok, maybe more.

Nice place to stay at. We liked it here. Especially Zuzka.

Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell is beautiful mountain range with Iceland's bigest glacier Vatnajökull. There are several small glaciers flowing from it. We came close to Svínafellsjökull, but it was at the end of day and my battery was definitelly dead. It is pity, because I liked it a lot.

The main attraction for us here was Svartifoss. Beautiful waterfall falling over basalt columns.

Skaftafell from distance. You can see Skaftafellsjökull on the left and Svínafellsjökull on the right.


Öræfajökull, bottom right is Svínafellsjökull.

I hope that it is Hvannadalshnúkur - the highest mountain in Iceland on the right. And if not, it will be seen on some other photos :-)

Hike to Svartifoss

We started 2 hours hike to it at 21:05 with plenty of light. However it was in shadow, so photos are not like those you can see elsewhere. On the other hand coming there so late helped us to avoid crowds (I have read about hundreds people going to Svartifoss). Overal result is: success.

After seeing Svartifoss we made small detour to Bölti and Sell, then returned to car.


Small taste of falling water - Hundafoss.


HDR photo. Because of low light I tried several HDRs that drained rest of batery (there was one 15 sec exposure). After this point camera refused to take pictures, but still was able to meter exposures. After a few minutes it tried to breathe again with a few additional photos (If I knew we will go to Svínafellsjökull I would wait with them).


Last for this day. This is Sel. It felt like old days - I have seen this photo only after our return home, because I dumped card to photobank and deleted it without checking.