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Santorini - Firostefani

Added: August 03, 2013

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Firostefani is another town in Santorini or maybe it is part of Fira, I don't know. It's name suggests that and also there is no clear separation between them. Nevertheless I decided to write about it in separate post.

I have concluded the last post about Fira with night photos. So I should start this post with the photo taken only a few minutes apart. Actually, it is not photo of Firostefani much, it was just taken there. It shows Imerovigli at the top and Oia in distance on the left.

This is composition of 2 exposures. 8 and 15 seconds. The first one had really dark bottom, and the 2nd had clouds stretched too much due to wind.
Imerovigli after sunset

Let's continue with photos of pools bathing in sunset. We have been there only once during sunset and it did not work very well. By not seeing much difference between Fira and Firostefani we did not want to go there more often, when Fira offered more convenience for us. Just 10 minutes walk.



I have mentioned it is very similar to Fira. It also offers similar relaxing experience when walking along the rim of caldera. Shops and restaurants are also very similar. Not to mention hotels and churches. Maybe only difference is presence of old wind mill. That does not mean we did not like it. Of course, we did.




While taking this series of photos from roof of some house (the one without sign "Don't walk on the roof") some guy advised me about a wedding happening down there. Let's see how much I can zoom and crop.
(And it can be seen also on previous one taken 1h earlier without knowing about it.)

Churches again

Back to churches. There is at least one church in Firostefani, that is symbol of Greece. There are more in other parts of Santorini, but we are not there yet.

They are photographed often, I am sure you have seen those pictures already. And I wanted to have them too. The one I remembered best from some books about photography I could not find. Only from distance I have realized how we can get there - it is necessary to leave main street along to caldera and go up. Actually, it is just on that street, but it is pretty boring from that side. I have returned to the same place also earlier next day, just to get different light. It is pity we missed it the first time with sunset.




Rest of photos

I have been to Firostefani 4 times in total. The first time to see sunset. That was pretty long walk. One was short drop in to take couple of night photos. The last 2 we also quite short, actually both happened just for sake of taking photo of that church I mentioned in previous section. Still I returned with more different photos. Some of them follow.




Can you imagine how many buses can be filled in by just single cruise ship depicted here? When we were leaving to Folegandros we had opportunity to see that. Too many buses is the right answer. And all of them head to Fira, Firostefani and Oia. To crowd it completely and rob all photographers their opportunity to take nice pictures :-) And, yes, there are also people accommodated on island. They do that too, but at least we were part of them :-)





Oia in distance. But that is for another day.