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Gran Canaria - last couple of hours at Canaries

Added: November 02, 2011

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We used the last day of our trip until last minute. Literally. We flew back to Gran Canaria afternoon and wanted to go to Palmas de Gran Canaria. Our flight back was scheduled on next day at 6am, which was a bit inconvenient considering a need to find our way to Palmas, look around, find some accomodation to leave it early in the "morning" to gat back to airport.

So we changed our plan at last possible moment and I have studied Lonely Planet to find out what we could do instead while waiting at the airport in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Our new plan has been born - we will rent a car and go to the south of island to check how it looks like.


Our first stop was at conveniently nearby town with amazing architecture and mood. It looked different than anything what I have seen before. We wandered around the center. It was shortly after noon, it was unbelievably hot and we were not able to find any opened restaurant or store where we could buy at least a bottle of water. The first one we found open was at 4pm and we consider ourselves lucky, all other seemed to open at five.



DSC_5864      DSC_5866


I encourage everybody traveling around Gran Canaria to consider visiting it. It is very nice, with interesting sculptures, parks and other things to see. It is pity we did not have more time to spend there, because we wanted to go to other places too.




Sand dunes at Maspalomas

Sand dunes, that sounds interesting. We need to see them. It is pity the rest of Maspalomas is not worth of visiting and even less to spending of holidays at. Unless you want to be inside of resort 24 hours of all your stay.

sand dunes at Maspalomas


If I was giving names to my photos, this one would be named You said the ship will be waiting for us!

Next to these dunes is big resort conveniently guarded by wall covered of these. Nice idea - it helps to keep people out while not looking at ugly wall.

Place where we parked, it is close to sand dunes.

Maspalomas was also rather empty compared to places at Tenerife like Playa de las Américas. Or we might be there at incorrect time of day. But probably not, because even restaurants were spare and spread over big distances. We were looking for some place to eat, until we ended up in sushi restaurant Sakura III. Nice, good, but really expensive. I am sorry I don't have any photo of sashimi and other fine food, there was no time to take photos... as usually.



Puerto de Mogán

The last place we visited at Gran Canaria has been Puerto de Mogán. Another good pick. After seeing Maspalomas and ugly concrete (and sometimes unfinished) resorts along the coast we were happy to end up here.

Colorful houses, flowers everywhere, full of character and completely relaxing place. If I wanted to spend holiday at Gran Canaria, this place would be my first pick.






I wonder if these were edible, or just for decoration.
DSC_5968      DSC_6023

We arrived quite late and it was also cloudy, so no nice sunset happened. We wandered around, sitting at more places just to enjoy surrounding until we got to beach, where we stayed until getting dark. We have been there until around 10pm, when we decided to go back to airport and return our car before midnight.