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Added: September 28, 2010

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Our short 3 day trip to Spain ended in Alicante. It was more convenient and cheaper to flight back from there. Also beach was more conveniently located (regarding train station and bus to airport) than in Valencia.

That suggests we did not see much - after ariving to Alicante we headed directly to beach and stayed there until it was time for return. But looking back, I could take more photos of beach. I just did not want to attract any attention. That means I don't have many photos to show this time.

Beach in Alicante

It was much better experience here compared to Malvarosa in Valencia. Sand was clean and water less stinky. Next time I would not think about going to beach in Valencia. Fortuately Horchata tasted as good as it tasted in Valencia :-)



The castle is just above the beach.
Alicante castle

And a traditional panorama at the end.