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Iguazu Falls from Brazilian side

Added: July 18, 2010

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We thought we've seen it all yesterday. But no, Brazil has many things to offer too.

Lonely Planet suggests the best way to cross Argentinian-Brazilian border is by taxi. Buses are slow and they might not wait for all paperwork. So that's what we did - we moved from hostel in Puerto Iguazú into hostel in Foz do Iguaçu by taxi. We just filled in form given us by driver and he went to handle officials. Quick and efficient.

Panoramic view of Iguazu Falls

To waterfalls

We wanted to accommodate in Hostel Bambu, but when we came there in the morning (at 10am) it was not possible. We left our luggage there and went to look for ATM and then to National Park.

Bus was really hot and it took 45min to get there. They have interesting system in Brazil. You get in through front door, inside you will find a turnstile with a conductor who allows you to pass through it. Better than typical approach when a driver sells tickets. It saves time. Because that turnstile is not immediately next to door it is possible to close door and go even not all passengers paid yet.

Same, but very different

Air conditioned bus servicing the park brought us to nice colonial hotel we could see also from other side. I did not spend much time looking for good vantage point, because we wanted to see falls as soon as possible. Just couple of metres away wonderful vista opened. Look, we have seen those just yesterday from bottom and now we have overall panorama from this higher point.

Indeed, Brazil side does not consists from many waterfalls, but it provides panoramic view of Argentinian side.


We've been there under falls just yesterday!
Iguazu Falls viewed from Brazilian side

Whole panorama as we could see it from the 1st outlook.
Panorama of Iguazu Falls viewed from Brazilian side

Dos Hermanas viewed from distance.

And we floated next to those too. We got really wet there.
Iguazu Falls viewed from Brazilian side

We started to walk in direction of Devil's Throat. I am going to use English name, because I don't know its name in Portuguese (and I don't care to search for it).

It was walk along the river, so whenever vegetation allowed we had nice views of waterfalls. We did not see some of them yesterday, because we did not get so far with a boat or they were just not visible from top walk on Argentinian side.


A view in direction of Devil's Throat, with lots of mist. There is a single palm on the left. It partially covers viewing platform we will come to soon.

Rainbow decorated panorama from the second viewing platform.
Panorama of Iguazu Falls viewed from Brazilian side

Salto Floriano

The biggest viewing infrastructure at Brazilian side is near waterfalls named Salto Floriano. You can nearly touch the falling water in the middle of its height from middle platform. You can go also down, and most notably also to top.

I liked this one the most. Maybe because of it closeness to viewing platform, or maybe because it was quite wide. Certainly it was unforeseen and welcomed addition to other mostly panoramic views.

Salto Floriano at Iguazu Falls in Brazil

Detail of edge with falling water.
Salto Floriano at Iguazu Falls in Brazil

Side view showing dense clouds of mist below.
Salto Floriano at Iguazu Falls in Brazil

View from top platform. That not so much interesting part at the left in the distance is Devil's Throat. Photos from viewing platform on the right will be shown shortly. It is not visible well, but it is at the edge of another cascade.
Panorama of Salto Floriano at Iguazu Falls in Brazil from top viewing platform

Tourists at Argentinian side marvelling at Devil's Throat.

Some zoomed views of distant waterfalls.

A bit more zoom to distant waterfalls.

Brazilians did fantastic and brave job. They created a viewing platform below Salto Floriano, just at the edge of another cascade. While staying there you are pretty surrounded by roaring waterfalls. Plus you will get accordingly wet. Maybe not always, just when there is helpful wind.

I am happy how many successful photos I got there, because it was raining in vertical direction. Due to constant wetness around us I did not bother to put aside my lens cleaning cloth. I knew I will need it after every shot or even more often.

One shot of viewing platform. It is well hidden in trees so it does not stand out from distance much. But they should paint it green :-)

One of my favourite shots from Iguazu Falls.
Salto Floriano at Iguazu Falls in Brazil

Panorama from the end of viewing platform. This was taken in happy moment without constant spray of water.

Cascade near viewing platform. Mistake in design or too strong surge and this platform could end up down there.