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Buenos Aires

Added: July 17, 2010

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Argentina deserves long time to stay. It does not make sense to go there only for short visit, but we wanted to see Iguazu Falls. And the only way we could get there easily with oneworld Round The World ticket was through Buenos Aires. OK, why not.

Buenos Aires is nice big and modern city. There are not any very old buildings there, because they pulled down all buildings in colonial style and rebuilt new ones of mixed styles. But they looked pretty old to me :-) At least compared to many modern skyscrapers in other parts of the city.

I liked it more than Santiago de Chile, and 100 times more than Lima. But we planned to stay there only for one day... again.

We arrived early in the morning, but it took some time to transfer to the city from airport. We got to our accommodation at 11am and went to bed to catch some sleep after night flight from Lima.

Afternoon we went to city tour with (will be updated when Zuzka returns and tells me the name, I don't have it in my notes). It felt like a private tour because we were only 2 visitors. Well, not only 2 of us, there was also a guide and a driver of air conditioned micro bus. The guide was very knowledgeable, interested in history (he teaches it at university) and whole experience was very good.

Plaza de Mayo

Our first stop was at Plaza de Mayo. The guide talked a lot about dictators, oppression and missing people. But fortunately, the plaza was very nice, so my memories are not only about sad history of Argentina.

Then we got back into bus and went to see Obelisk of Buenos Aires. We did not stop, just passed along it on wide avenue and went to La Boca.


DSC_1267      DSC_1266



We have seen La Boca mostly from bus. I liked it's serene streets with the oldest buildings in Buenos Aires (also built over previous demolished colonial buildings). They were much better than busy avenues we just left or dirty streets of district our hostel was at.

We stopped in Caminito, favourite tourist area. It is just small area, but it is full of restaurants, tango dancers and painters selling their works. Plus all buildings are brightly painted. That was done in 50's by a painter Benito Quinquela Martín.

We looked around only for 15min so we could not taste food and atmosphere around. Apart from this area La Boca is not safe for tourists especially at night. But during a day and inside air conditioned bus we felt pretty safe :-)

Colourful houses at Caminito in Buenos Aires

Colourful houses at Caminito in Buenos Aires

DSC_1279      DSC_1300

Colourful houses at Caminito in Buenos Aires

Colourful houses at Caminito in Buenos Aires

Colourful houses at Caminito in Buenos Aires

To the north

Rich people used to live in southern parts of the city, but they moved to north after outbreak of yellow fever at the end of 19th century.

We went around, but we had only 2 short stops. Following photos are just random snapshots. I regret I did not ask the guide to stop at some place with nice panorama of modern city. I just expected it will happen until it was too late.


Steel Flower - Floralis Generica.
Floralis Generica


Recoleta cemetery

Our last stop was at famous cemetery. The mayor of Buenos Aires got a very good idea in the past - to sell land of cemetery to rich people who started to compete which family will build more pompous tomb.

It has many streets, with small plazas. Most of tombs are really interesting. Many famous people are resting there, one of most known is Eva Perón. There was a small crowd next to her tomb.


DSC_1310      DSC_1312



And that was end of our tour. We got pretty nice overview, but it would be nice to spend there more time. We asked a guide to take us somewhere near metro station instead of returning to place we started from, because it was a bit inconvenient for us. BTW I like metro in Buenos Aires. Pretty good (being the first in South America) and cheap (most of metros in South American cities are pretty cheap).

It was time to eat something and then take some rest, because we were tired. We are flying to Iguazu Falls tomorrow!