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Copacabana, Bolivia

Added: June 24, 2010

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It's 12th of February and we are finally heading to Lake Titicaca! A pick up bus again arrives 30 minutes ahead of scheduled range, this time a driver is not willing to wait 5 minutes until I finish packing. We have to go to Vicuña Tours near main bus terminal to catch our bus. Fortunately receptionist is very helpful - he shows us the place on a map and catches a taxi for us.

The bus is packed, no wonder due to strike there are more travellers keen to get to Copacabana. It is really cloudy, clouds are quite low, because in El Alto they form fog.

Lake Titicaca

The weather got surprisingly nice before reaching Lake Titicaca. I could just marvel at beautiful green hills covered by yellow and violet flowers. Blue and green water of lake was in distance. Pity I didn't sit next to window, I could not take any photos.

You can guess what was the first thing I've done after stopping at Tiquina Straits that we need to cross on different boat than our bus will. Of course I took photos! Well, that was too easy...


All transported buses looked quite sad in my opinion.


It was only about 1 hour from San Pedro de Tiquina to Copacabana. It is between nice hills, they make it even nicer. If only it was not so touristy. Main street heading to the lake has no charm, there are just tourist services, restaurants and hotels.

After getting off from bus we were "attacked" by hostel touts. The first offered good price a promised hot water so we decided to try it. It was not bad for 30Sol.

After settling in I went to check money exchange offices around ask about trip to Isla del Sol and to see where I can book bus tickets to Puno. I handled that rather quickly.

That's our accommodation for 2 nights. Hostal Center. Pretty simple, but sufficient.

Up to hill

After satisfying my logistical needs I wanted to explore surroundings. Zuzka stayed in hostel, she was still weak after salmonella.

I went up to Cerro Calvario. It was rather nice walk. It takes about 30minutes to get up there. It is rather steep, there are many steps and along the way, but it is compensated with wonderful views. Pity it got cloudy again.









Cerro Calvario

The view from top was fantastic. I have spent there quite a long time, waiting for better light. Many panoramas were not good, because left side was underexposed, while right side where sun was shining was totally blown out. But shortly before I decided to go the sun started to shine to city. That was amazing. It looked like SimCity.

Top of Cerro Calvario

I know a horizon is slanted, but there was no room to fix it without making composition worse. And this is only photo of this view I like.



SimCity starts on green field.

Settlement begins...

Then you start to develop your city.

It does not take long to have wonderful city with catherdral in this game :-)

Panorama from Cerro Calvario near Copacabana at Lake Titicaca

Panorama of COpacabana and Lake Titicaca from Cerro Calvario

A older guy, Carlos, started chatting with me. He was born in La Paz, but he has been living in Toronto for many years. He came back for holiday and he was filming everything. He was curious if we have been to Tiwanaku, he told me Tiwanaku inhabitants fled before Aymara people to Isla del Sol. He was quite knowledgeable. He asked about my blog, I have given him an address, but according to Google Analytics I had only 2 visits from Toronto since February. Hits from South America were also limited. So he must have lost it :-)

Another encounter I had was with old lady. I took couple of pictures of her, then she noticed me. I have waved her and thanked, but she asked for money. I gave her some and then took one more (detail) photo.

DSC_9476_raw      DSC_9479_raw

Capilla - Del Senor de la Cruz de Colquepata

This church was visible from distance, I think I've noticed it from bus when we arrived. It is located next to the route to Cerro Calvario.

The first 2 photos are before I went up, last is after I got back. Notice the thick clouds. Shortly after I took this photo rain and hailstorm began. I had to run to hostel (I guess it would help my shape tremendously if hailstorm happened more often to me).

DSC_9228_raw      DSC_9230_raw


Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana

In the evening, after storm and after visiting internet cafe we went to nearby basilica. Zuzka felt better and it was not far. Of course, she wanted to see at least something from Copacabana. BTW, it was unbelievable how quickly the weather was changing in Copacabana.

Basilica was very nice and it was not falling back like my photos suggest. I just suck at architecture photography. Or I should use wider lens that would allow me to keep camera in horizontal position.


DSC_9575_raw      DSC_9592_raw


Update: I forgot I have more photos of Copacabana. Just follow provided link to see them. They are from following day, before and after our trip to Isla del Sol.