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Eilean Donan, Loch Ness & The North West Highlands - Day 1

Added: May 30, 2008

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As was mentioned in previous post 3 sunny days with Lochs, Glens and Bens we booked 3 days of sitting in the coach rambling around Scotland. This post is dedicated to Day 1 of 2-day tour Eilean Donan, Loch Ness & The North West Highlands.

For those wondering what title of previous post means, here is short explanation: loch - lake, glen - valley, ben - mountain, sun - scarce resource in Scotland :-)

If you did not read previous post, I will try shortly to summarize it: All three days were fantastic!


After passing Glen Coe we have been already addicted to Highlands. Blue sky, green land, old weathered mountains. And there were still more pearls waiting ahead of us.

Gary talked about history, hiking trails and other. I really wonder how he could speak so much (with just short breaks filled by music or silence).

Ben Nevis

The highest mountain in UK. Hike takes 3 hours to get up there and I would not mind... Maybe once.

elevation: 1344m (4409ft)


Our magic coach taking us to wonderful places.

North West Highlands are not technicaly part of mainland Scotland anymore. Caledonian canal connecting many lochs with sea on the south and north makes it an island :-)

The Commando Memorial

Commandos were trained at this picturesque place with overlook of The Great Glen and surrounding mountains during WWII.





DSC_1528      DSC_1527

Glen Nevis

This valley goes around Ben Nevis from other side. Unfortunately we did not stay at place with outlook to it to take some pictures, but it is not so nice as from other side. We came here to see small waterfall. Whole glen was beautiful. There is Youth Hostel in the glen, so there is potential and infrastructure to return here one day... If only we had more days of holidays.

DSC_1541      DSC_1562

DSC_1543      DSC_1561

DSC_1582      DSC_1569

DSC_1595      DSC_1597

Fort William

Day 1 ends in Fort William, nice town on the shores of Loch Linnhe (remember? ;-) ).

We have stayed there at Myrtle Bank guesthouse. I have to say it was the most beautiful accommodation I have ever stayed at (including more expensive hotels). Breakfast, next day, was traditional Scotish one, delicious and it worked for several hours :-) Highly recommended!

Guesthouse consists from 2 houses. This is other one.

This picture probably misses an arrow pointing to our window ;-)


Room No. 7

DSC_1622      DSC_1636

Evening at Loch Linnhe.


It is expensive to be Scotsman.