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Tasteless Pancakes for dinner

Added: April 20, 2010

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Full of experiences from Franz Josef Glacier we were speeding to the next point of interest - Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki. Punakaiki is 171km from Franz Josef. It was side trip for us and visiting that place was the only reason we did not book full-day walk on glacier, but only half-day. After finishing the walk we felt like we could be there for longer, but we looked forward to see Pancake Rocks.

We stopped in Greymouth to accommodate and continued in our ride to Punakaiki. It was getting more cloudy and late.

When we arrived there it was completely cloudy. No hope of sun. Then we realised it is low tide so we will not see blowing water either. So much for my imagination of fantastic experience :-(

I also expected more "hands on" experience - walking on those rocks directly, but you cannot do that. There are walkways and fences everywhere. They are done well, though. I understand that safety is more important.

Don't take me wrong. This place is wonderful and unique even without light and spraying water, but it is bit disappointing. At least it was for me, because I knew what alternatives we had.

Fortunately the photos are not so bad I would be ashamed to show them here :-)

Blooming Nikau palms.
Nikau palm      DSC_1837_raw


Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki

Detail of layers - Pancake Rocks

DSC_1908_raw      DSC_1911_raw




Can you imagine how this place would look like during sunrise or sunset? If not, try Google :-)
Panorama of Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki, New Zealand